About Us | The Hess Company, Inc.

thc-028Justin and Jeff Hess have had their moving and storage business since 1980 but it’s been in their blood most of their lives as their father was a skilled and highly regarded mover for Mayflower. They often joke that they’ve been in more living rooms than Barbara Walters, more kitchens than The Galloping Gourmet and more bedrooms than 007.

When you ask the Hess brothers and their crew to move your belongings, you quickly see the years of experience in their professionalism. It’s professionalism that includes attention to detail, meticulous care for your possessions and efficiency. But it also comes packaged with warmth and friendliness and it’s all done with such seeming ease that their customers describe their moving experience as a pleasant one.

Their warmth and friendliness are what keep their customers coming back to them. In a field where many customers are simply looking for the best deal at the time, the Hess brothers have legions of customers who only have one company they would ever entrust to move their possessions.

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